Embracing the fears

Bhaswati is currently pursuing her masters at the Department Of Human Development from Avinishilingam University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Apart from being a student, her passion lies in dancing, reading books and crafting handmade items.


She says, “Ever since I was a kid and was capable of understanding my behavior, I have believed in myself and that is what makes me stronger. It was the first internship of my life in WAY Foundation and I undoubtedly had a few fears in mind before visiting the organization. But those fears didn’t last long as the space that I was exploring in WAY Foundation helped me in building up myself to an extent that my confidence grows and my fears drive me to do the best in life.”

For Bhaswati, coming for this internship was purely a life changing decision where she learnt the art of exploring opportunities and bringing the best out of every opportunity to learn and develop herself in multifaceted areas of her life. She further mentions that ground level activities during the internship has deepened her understanding about the basics of social work and has helped her in breaking a lot of stereotypes related to the field of social work”.

Bhaswati says, “I have learned to be comfortable with receiving intimidating and overwhelming tasks and take them in strides without getting stressed or losing confidence. This internship has significantly contributed for both my personal and professional development. Co-facilitating sessions with my counterparts during the internship have never been so fun before. All I saw and learnt was so new and catchy which has only helped me in becoming more creative with even the limited resources available.”


WAY Foundation continues to strategize its efforts in contributing to the capacity building of its volunteers and has been immensely successful in creating a memorable journey for all of them. Over the years, the WAY space has been curated in such a way that people from every walk of life feel free to be a part of the space and curate and respect their individual spaces as well as others with love, care and commitment towards each other.



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